Welcome to BRACT:  Biotechnology Resources for Arable Crop Transformation


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Supporting Barley, Wheat and Brassica transformation, the BRACT facility offers the research community access to:

  • Easy to follow transformation protocols
  • Germplasm (of readily transformable genotypes)
  • Hosted training programmes
  • pBRACT crop designed constructs  (and construct building services)
  • A full range of transformation services (from supply of primary transgenics, through to seed of subsequent generations, molecular analysis and basic phenotyping)
  • And help and advice with grant applications/ project planning

Genetic modification of plants for research purposes is an invaluable tool used by scientists globally to gain a better understanding of the functions of certain genes in plants. It is now used routinely in model plants where the ability to modify genes or switch them on and off has led to a wealth of potentially exciting agricultural traits being identified. In order to translate this science into agriculturally important crops open access to transformation resources is crucial.

BRACT is a research community resource providing access to protocols and services for Wheat, Barley, Brassica oleracea and B. napus transformation. BRACT was established during a 3 year collaborative research programme (Defra 2003-2006), between the John Innes Centre and Rothamsted Research, to provide the scientific research community with transformation resources for the main UK crops. BRACT provides access to simple and efficient transformation protocols, crop designed constructs and a full range of transformation services. The facility now operates on a  'not-for-profit', cost recovery basis and supports researchers worldwide.

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